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LISA (Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques), UMR CNRS 7583 is a mixed research laboratory between Paris-Est Créteil University, Paris University and CNRS. It is a component of the Observatory of Sciences of the Universe EFLUVE...

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Vinh Van, Thithuy Nguyen, Wolfgang Stahl, Lam Nguyen, Isabelle Kleiner

Coupled large amplitude motions: The effects of two methyl internal rotations and 14N quadrupole coupling in 4,5-dimethylthiazole investigated by microwave spectroscopy
J. Mol. Struct.

Tuesday 5 May 2020
Ovar-Sanchez, A.; Rodriguez-Romero, A.; Engel, A.; Zäncker, B., Yinghe Fu, Maranon, E.; Pérez-Lorenzo, M.; Bressac, M.; Wagener, T., Sylvain Triquet, Guillaume Siour, Karine Desboeufs, Guieu, C.

Characterizing the surface microlayer in the Mediterranean Sea: trace metal concentrations and microbial plankton abundance

Thursday 30 April 2020
Victor Lannuque, Florian Couvidat, Marie Camredon, Bernard Aumont, Bertrand Bessagnet

Modeling organic aerosol over Europe in summer conditions with the VBS-GECKO parameterization: sensitivity to secondary organic compound properties and IVOC (intermediate-volatility organic compound) emissions
Atmos. Chem. Phys.

Monday 27 April 2020
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  Il aura fallu plus d’un an de travail, depuis les premières phases de définition du projet jusqu’à sa mise en production définitive : le...
Monday 16 September 2013