Astrobiology and Astrochemistry

Astrobiology is the study of the processes which led to the apparition of life on our planet and which may have or could enable it elsewhere. The LISA research on this topic follows two main paths: studies of the reactivity and evolution of organic matter in extraterrestrial environments and the search for molecular structures through remote sensing and in situ measurements. The LISA thus develops laboratory experiments simulating the conditions of extraterrestrial environments, participates to the designing and building up of chemical analyzers for (mostly ESA and NASA) spatial missions and participates to remote sensing campaigns.


R. Navarro‐González, K.F. Navarro, Patrice Coll, C.P. McKay, J.C. Stern, B. Sutter, P.D. Archer Jr, A. Buch, M. Cabane, P.G. Conrad, J.L. Eigenbrode, H.B. Franz, C. Freissinet, D.P. Glavin, J.V. Hogancamp, A.C. McAdam, C.A. Malespin, F.J. Martín‐Torres, D.W. Ming, R.V. Morris, B. Prats, Francois Raulin, J. Antonio Rodríguez‐Manfredi, C. Szopa, M.‐P. Zorzano‐Mier, P.R. Mahaffy, S. Atreya, M.G. Trainer, A.R. Vasavada

Abiotic input of fixed nitrogen by bolide impacts to Gale crater during the Hesperian. Insights from the Mars Science Laboratory
JGR Planets

Wednesday 19 December 2018
Olivia Venot, Drummond, B., Miguel, Y., Waldmann, I. P., Pascale, E., Zingales, T

A better characterization of the chemical composition of exoplanets atmospheres with ARIEL
Experimental Astronomy

Thursday 1 November 2018
Pascale, Enzo and Bezawada, Naidu and Barstow, Joanna and Beaulieu, Jean-Philippe and Bowles, Neil and Coudé du Foresto, Vincent and Coustenis, Athena and Decin, Leen and Drossart, Pierre and Eccleston, Paul and Encrenaz, Therese and Forget, Francois, ..., Olivia Venot, et al.

The ARIEL space mission
Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Conference Series

Thursday 12 July 2018
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