The remote sensing observations of the atmospheres of the Earth and of other planets or of the interstellar medium provide numerous high quality absorption/emission spectra. The analysis of these data is based on theoretical treatments and spectral analyses as well as on laboratory spectroscopic measurements. The studies carried at LISA thus include the development and use of laboratory experiments and theoretical models, and of some software for the analysis of the spectra and remote sensing data.


Isabelle Kleiner

Spectroscopy of interstellar internal rotors: An important tool for investigating interstellar chemistry
ACS Earth Space Chem

Monday 12 August 2019
N. U. Duronea, L. Bronfman, E. Mendoza, M. Merello, R. Finger,N. Reyes, C. Heras-Caimapo, J.R.D. Lepine, A. Faure, Isabelle Kleiner, C. E. Cappa, and L-A. Nyman

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

Wednesday 31 July 2019
M. Carvajal, C. Favre, Isabelle Kleiner, C. Ceccarelli, E. A. Bergin and D. Fedele

Impact of non-convergence of the partition function on the molecular column densities in the interstellar medium
Astron. Astrophys

Monday 1 July 2019
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